How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

At the time of preparing for a move, one of the crucial thought is How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving.

In this content, you’ll have the most helpful moving tips and hacks for your future relocation reference. Whether you’re hiring the proficient packers and movers or professionals or doing it yourself, your costly furniture often needs to be packed and handled with care at the time of shifting.

After arrival at your new home, you must wish the heaviest and costly items to be free from damage. Without precautions and care, the costly wood furniture can be grooved, upholstery can be scratched, and glass can be broken. You must aware of how to prepare furniture when moving before the packers start the packing process.

Significant House Moving Packing Tips

Following are some important moving house packing tips for your ready reference.

Gather Packing Supplies for moving heavy items and furniture

It’s a traditional myth that all you have to pack and guard your household belongings with the use of some cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrapping cover, and moving blankets. While these packing items will be in use, spending time and money in finding a few more packing materials will ensure the protected packing and shifting of your household items and furniture to a new home or office.

Important Packing materials

You can ask your packers and movers to bring the following materials with them along with supporting bill or they can include the cost in a single bill if they have the following items in their store.

  • Bubble Wrap cover
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Covers for Sofa and mattress
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets

Prep Furniture for Packing

Since most of the furniture, are costly and heavy, before packing the furniture, clean and wipe out dust from your furniture thoroughly. Remove out any casters, knobs, or pulls, drawers if any from your furniture. This allows you some more storage space while moving heavy furniture to the truck. Throughout the cleaning of the furniture, you can avoid unnecessary filth into your new home.

Disassemble the Furniture in Advance

It’s a wise idea to disassemble your furniture absolutely like removal of legs from tables and couches if possible so that it’ll be much easier to pack and carry in the truck within small space. Also, you need to separate bed frames, remove cushions, and other things to have safe packing and moving purposes. Within the required space, large size master beds could be placed for cost-saving shifting purposes. But, don’t forget to follow the user manual to disassemble furniture properly. Mark each packed lot with a marker about parts of furniture for easier unpacking purposes.

Place screws, nuts, and bolts inside labelled plastic baggies

You’re advised to use sealable plastic bags to carry the screws, nuts, bolts, and other mini hardware for each part of the furniture. Tape the plastic bag securely to the respective packed items not to lose any hardware. It’s a better idea to leave the task of packing a person to disassemble everything and packing in a proper way.

Learn How to Wrap Furniture Correctly

Here, you’ll know how to wrap wood furniture for moving securely throughout your relocation process. If you want DIY moving tips, use Bubble wrap, foam, and plastic sheets for safe and secured packing purposes. Bubble Wrap is an ideal packing material for packing glass tabletops, mirrors, and other glass materials for solid protection purposes and then put the packed item within two sheets of corrugated cardboard.

Also, bubble wrap is used to pack sensitive wood pieces securely and plastic wrap is used for the packing of the plastic sofa and upholstered items. Here, also put all the packed items within two corrugated cardboard sheets.

Have a Placement Plan

You need to plan for the systematic placement of items in trucks for an easier and safety carriage purpose. In this matter, the drivers or professionals have a better idea to place the items in the proper sequence. First, large boxes will be settled to the wall of the truck and then smaller boxes will be settled. And, the rest of the things will be settled at the right place, so that no chance of scratching and damage could be organized.

Explore valuation coverage and insurance options

Take precaution in advance for any large damage or damage of costly items, by initiating an insurance coverage plan. You could feel yourself little bit relax with advance provision. The damage may be occurred due to accidents or mistakes of loading and unloading team or any fire case. If you have high-value furniture, it’s a wise idea to sign in an insurance policy for secured provision.

Use special moving equipment for heavy furniture

You’re advised not to move heavy furniture by yourself. For movement or lifting of heavy furniture, it’s always advised to take the assistance of tools or labor, so the chance of breakage or damage will be less.

The larger size furniture pieces such as pianos, heavy chairs, and pool tables need some additional equipment like a dolly or hand truck, trailer, moving straps, and skid board.

Rent a moving truck/container with tie-downs and a ramp

You might rent a moving truck or container from your nearby city or can hire Packers and movers Company by handing over the entire responsibility to them. Your stress will be lowering down a lot.

Use furniture gliders, cardboard or towels to move furniture

In case you have hardwood floors, you need to use gliders, towels, felt pads, or cardboard underneath the legs of the heavy furniture. This approach prevents scratching your floors and furniture parts at the time of moving from/to the home.

Clear doorways

After loading or unloading the furniture and other items, it’s often advised to clear clutters from the doorways.

Hope, the readers could have a solid idea about the protection of furniture and other items at the time of shifting. You must know How to Pack Furniture For Moving of the complete house within Bangalore or other regions.


How to Hire A Professional Packing and Moving Company?

Basically, you must go through the right proven Ways To Find a Qualified Mover while looking for shifting to other regions in India such as Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. Every person definitely wishes the packers and movers to take proper care of their household items, work in a safe and proficient manner, and charge a fair cost for their moving services. The only approach to make this reality and make sure a smooth and painless relocation is to hire a qualified, professional, experienced, and trustworthy moving company.

Tips for Hiring Quality Movers

Following are some valuable Tips for Hiring Quality Movers in Bangalore and other cities across India.

Always take written quotes from various packing and moving companies

No doubt many scam companies are serving in the marketplace, who may offer you the low cost in beginning and once you decided to hire them, there might be some additional charges claimed by them for certain kinds of additional supporting services. Hence, you’re advised to collect a written estimate on paper or by email id from nearby multiple packers and movers in Bangalore and Never trust any companies without proper survey.

Never be in a rush at the time of assortment

It could be the wrong idea to choose the very first packers and movers you have asked, for shifting all your valuable goods. You are advised to conduct proper research on around 4 to 5 companies. First, ask for quotations from all listed companies, go through their online reviews, date of establishment, honesty, check with your known person, friends, and relatives if they have truly any experience in past.  Never forget to find out if the company has any severe complaints from previous customers. Before finalizing the deal, strict terms with the safety of your goods need to be considered by you on a priority basis.

Avoid remarkably low-cost movers

It might confuse you why different movers charge a different price for the same shifting requirements. But it’s true once you hire a cheap moving company you might be caught in trouble. As, these movers will start making excuses ( like, you are having too many goods to be moved, your new destination is so far for them, they don’t have suitable transportation, appropriate manpower, etc.) to pay you extra in the middle of your move. So instead of being stressed at the last time, it’s better to spend extra money on professional packers and movers Bangalore and be assured of safe shifting.

Verify your movers’ licensing credentials

The most important Things to Look for in a Moving Company are checking it’s documents like license and other authorized permit documents. As usual, the professional packers and movers are required by law to get registered and sanctioned to transport household items and cater to moving services. Make sure the movers company have either intrastate or interstate transportation license in order to fulfill your need. The intrastate moving company must have a state license with the SDTBCA and the interstate moving company must have a USDOT number issued by FMCSA.

Make sure your movers are fully bonded and liable for damage

Unlike every client, you need to make sure that the packers and movers in Hyderabad, Bangalore or other parts of India are completely liable for damage and bonded to pay the amount if any major damage occurred in transit or loading and unloading.

Find out if your selected moving company belongs to a movers’ association

Membership in an established and well-regarded moving organization in India emphasizes the reputation of the company. For instance, AMSA ensures that the company is bound by the federal laws, fetches the quality standards considered by it. Therefore, if the movers company you finalize hiring for your relocation holds an authorization from a highly regarded movers’ association, it is an assurance of dependability and professionalism.

Check the company’s business rating

Throughout the online platform, ratings become an important measure for a service provider to impress its clients. Positive ratings and prizes for specific service are among the most momentous proofs of dependability and high-quality a Packers and Movers Company can obtain. So, it’s highly recommended to check the following to Choose the Right Movers.

  • Confirm its official recognition;
  • Check to rate with the BBB;
  • Check for any awards or accolades for service won by the company;
  • Ask for references and suggestions.

Research the company’s online profile

Throughout the online review sites like MyMovingReviews and Yelp, etc., go through reviews left by previous clients of the selected company you decide hiring for your shifting purpose.

Research on the profile of the company through its website and look for proof of dependability, transparency, and competence. Check the license number, office address, or contact details like phone, email id, and social media ids.

Also, check with complaint sites like, and, for any past complaints.

Verify that the company has a legitimate place of business

Verify that the company has a legitimate place of business and visit the mover’s office in person (if possible). This will allow you to get a good idea of the general working environment in the company and check their facilities (specialized equipment, truck fleet, storage units, etc.).

Examine the movers’ paperwork

You’re advised to go through Company’s Paperwork cautiously with respect to survey details and quoted amount. Now, it’s your turn to compare the quote with others and finalize the deal from every angle in a proper way.

Make sure the movers company has provided all the mandatory documents such as order of service, valuation addendum, Bill of Lading, inventory lists, receipts, and many more. Go through them very vigilantly to confirm that the particulars of your shipment are clearly and openly stated in the papers. You’re advised not to sign on the papers unless you understand completely each and every terms and pricing method.

Hope, you must know well now how to choose a reliable moving company. You can hire best packers and movers in Pune, Bangalore or any other city in this way. For all your packing and moving services, check with Firstpick, we provide you with the list of professional packers and movers in all major cities of India.

How to Ease your Local Home Shifting Worries

Local House Shifting Checklist

Home shifting to a new locality with all your belongings can be a strenuous task. When thinking about strange surroundings, you may get emotional. The best mantra while shifting is to stay organized thereby avoiding any chaos. Though the shifting process can be time-consuming, you need to consider many things before shifting. This blog will ensure that your local shifting in Bangalore is a breeze. We have made the shifting process a piece of cake for you so that you can track and categorize as per the schedule of your move.

30 days before home shifting

 Planning ahead keeps your stress level at bay. So, plan one month before moving day to complete the tasks.

 1. Prepare a moving checklist

It is vital to prepare a moving checklist as it is not possible to remember all the tasks. Make a note of local home shifting tips below and utilize it as your moving checklist.

2. Look for packers and movers to get quotes

Identifying the right home shifting service is key to meet your home shifting needs. Find the right professionals who can pack and move your belongings safely and securely.  Spend some time to select the right movers in your locality.  Pick one and share your shifting requirements.

 3. Declutter and take inventory of all your items

Decluttering is the hardest job to do though it is unavoidable. Sort your things out and get rid of unnecessary items and stuff you haven’t used for a long time. If they are in good condition, give them off to your friends or family. You can help a charitable firm by donating them. Take inventory of the items before they get packed and make a detailed list of the moving items.

4.  Hire the right movers and packers in Bangalore for local shifting

After you have selected the right movers and packers, ask them to visit your home to discuss the home shifting requirements. They will do a quick survey so that you will get to know the accurate shifting charges.

 5.  Choose the day for moving

Plan your moving day during the weekdays or mid-month when the movers and packers charge less.

 6.  Update your new address

It is important that your mail communications also move along with you.  Ensure that you update your new address with banks, employer, post office, online shopping sites, etc.

 7.  Deep clean your new house

Before you move to your new house, you must deep clean the house. From windows and light fixtures to cabinets and sink, clean all that is needed to get rid of any pests or insects in your house.

8.  Safe shifting

Moving large goods like washing machines, refrigerators and furniture can be a real challenge. Get help by hiring professional movers while moving large goods and placing them in the appropriate position.

 7 days before home shifting

You have just got one week to get things organized. Use this week to go through this house shifting tips and house shifting checklist to get ready to move without any hassle.

 9.  Get prepared and organize important items and documents

Since you have already created a moving inventory and made a list of items you have for moving, it is time to pack those small items like toiletries, medications, clothes and laptop, cosmetics and so on. Also, organize important documents and papers into files and folders. And get rid of unimportant papers.

Keep all your essentials like passport, government-related documents, medical records, insurance documents and educational certificates in a folder. Keep them safely in a bag and ensure that these files or folders aren’t sent with the movers. If needed, make photocopies of important documents.

 10.  Pack valuables

Pack your valuables like jewellery and ornaments safely and make a note in your moving packing checklist so that you don’t forget it as they are worth a lot more.

 11.  Pack cleaning supplies

Pack a cleaning kit which should include a broom, mop, newspapers, paper towels, old rags and so on. Add this to your moving checklist.

12.  Disconnect electronic devices

Defrost the fridge and disconnect AC and other appliances on the day before the moving date.

Clean up the appliances before packing and unplug them. All the wires can be packed safely in Ziploc bags and labeled accordingly.

 13.  Switch utility services

Disconnect services like LPG Gas, electricity, water, milk, TV and newspaper from your old house and reconnect these utility services and get them transferred to your new location. This ensures the transition is as smooth as possible.

1 day before home shifting

You are almost here for home shifting. Do check with the checklist that you prepared and get things moving.

14.  Handle these items with care

Keep the bag packed with essentials, valuables and documents separate from the regular household goods. Ensure that this bag doesn’t get into the hands of movers for packing. You are going to keep this bag.

 15.  Keep the cash ready

You don’t have to run to the ATM to withdraw money if you have some cash handy.

Movers will help you pack and move to ensure a smooth relocation process.

On moving day

 16.  Guide the movers during loading

Let the movers pack the things that are required by you. And check whether they are using good quality material while packing. Double check all the rooms whether all the items are packed to get ready to move. Check the cupboard and drawers so that nothing is missed out. Help the movers to get to your destination.

 17.  Unload and unpack items

After reaching the new location, guide the movers to place the items in their respective places. The items will be unpacked by the packers and movers in Bangalore. You need to check whether the goods are unpacked safely without getting damaged.

Check if any of the items are damaged while moving. Plugin the appliances and check whether they are working properly. Don’t forget to unpack your essentials which has all your clothes, toiletries and so on.

1 day after home shifting

You have finally moved in. It is time to set up and settle down.

18.  Set up the rooms

Make a checklist and note down all the things you need to finish in 14 days. Set up a target and work hard to complete the task without any hassle.

19.  Meet and greet

Meet your neighbours and feel comfortable in getting to know them. Take time to explore the new locality and locate places like shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores, and so on.

 7 days after home shifting

 Time flies fast. It’s been a week since you have been moved to this new location. And local shifting in Bangalore is not that hard as you thought of. With packers and movers in Bangalore for local shifting, your shifting will be smooth. Finish unpacking all the stuff and plan for a housewarming party.

We hope these local home shifting tips and moving house checklists are helpful for you to move smoothly without any problems. Choose the right movers to plan your relocation process efficiently within your budget!

Top 20 Packing Moving Tips and Tricks

Packing Moving Tips and Tricks

Shifting to a new home? Packing and shifting can be a tedious job. It requires a lot of time and effort. You should get all the packing materials, organize transport as well as labourers to pack, carry, and unpack all the items. It can be easy to forget important itemsas things could become hectic when you’re working on so many things. However, there are somethings that you need to make ready before you call the packers and movers in Bangalore. This blog lists the top 20 moving and packing tips and tricks that will help make your relocation streamlined and easy.

1. Declutter

The first tip for organized packing for a move is to declutter your home. If you have been living in a house for a long time, then you would have bought a lot of things. You may probably not be using most of those things now. So, spend a couple of weekends before your proposed relocation to declutter your home. By doing this first, you can save a lot of time and effort when you call the packers and movers in Chennai.

2. Make a list of the items

One of the best packing and moving tips is to make a list of the items. Making a list of the items will be easy once you’ve removed all the unwanted things from your home. In the list that you make, identify items that you can donate to the needy and things that you can sell.

3. Donate unnecessary items

After you’ve listed all the unwanted things, find places where you can donate them. You can give clothes, toys, books, and other stationary items to orphanages.

4. Sell things that you may not need

If you are moving to a place that is furnished, then you may not need some of the appliances and furniture that you already have. You can sell those things online for a price.

5. Find the best packers and movers

No matter which city you are in, you need to find the best packers and movers. FirstPick can help you find the best packers and movers in Mumbai or Chennai depending on where you are located.

6. Decide on a Day to move

After you’ve sorted out all your items and selected the best moving company, you need to decide on a day to move. You will need to consider your last date of rent or lease in the current accommodation and the earliest date that you can move into the new house. Relocation companies may charge you more for weekend or month end shifting. So, find out if there are different rates for different days before you plan the date.

7. Plan the best route to your new house

Another of the moving house packing tips is to plan the route. Once you’ve decided on the packers and movers, you should discuss the best route with them. When you’re planning the route, also check if there could be any possible diversions on the day you’re planning to shift.

8. Decide on a Day to Disconnect Services

Decide on a day to disconnect and transfer your cable tv, telephone, Wi-Fi, gas, and other services. The process can take some time, so it is best to start working on them at least two weeks before the actual relocation date. So, you will not miss these services when you go to your new home.

9. Change your address a week before

Talk to your bank, gas service provider, and other service providers and change your address. You would have probably availed local service providers. So, it will be easy to change now than later.

10. Sort and pack your important documents

During the packing and relocation, it can be easy for important documents to get mislaid or lost. So, before the moving people come in, you should sort and pack all your important documents, files, and certificates. Also, keep them in a bag that you can carry with you when you move.

11. Stop buying groceries a week before shifting

Once you’ve planned to shift, take stock of the groceries that you have. Make sure that you have enough to last till your day of shifting. If you have more groceries, then you will have more things to carry.

12. Take a photo of electronic appliances before you unplug them

No one will tell you the best way to pack for a move, especially when it comes to electronics and home appliances. The secret is to take a photo of the appliances before you unplug them. This way, you will know how to reconnect them when you go to your new house. Otherwise, you may probably waste a lot of time trying to understand the connections.

13. Defrost the fridge a day before you move

A day before you plan to shift, remove all the items from the fridge and defrost it.

14. Call in all your favours ahead

If you’ve made any payments, get the items or services before you leave the place. At the same time, if you have any favours, then make sure you call them before you leave the place.

15. Guide the moving staff while loading and unloading

Even if you get the best packers and movers in Bangalore or Chennai, you or someone responsible should overlook the packing process. Make sure that the large items are packed first, the delicate items are packed carefully, and everything is neatly arranged in the truck.

16. Have Ziploc bags handy

The packers and movers will come with all the necessary packaging materials. However, it would be helpful if you have Ziploc bags and polythene covers handy. It may be useful while packing smaller items and placing them in large cardboard boxes.

17. While unloading, assemble appliances and furniture first

While unloading, ask the moving people to first unload the large appliances and furniture. Assemble the furniture and place the electronics and appliances in the right places before unloading all the other items.

18. Pre-clean your new home’s kitchen and bathroom

Preferably, go to the new home a day or two before shifting and clean the place, especially the bathroom and kitchen. This is because these are the rooms that you will need to use first when you’re getting settled in your new home.

19. Buy groceries for the first day after the move

As you shift to your new home, buy the groceries that you will need for the next few days. After you’ve completely organized the kitchen, you can do a more thorough grocery shopping.

20. Do a check of all the items once they are unloaded

Remember the list of items that you made before you started packing. Now use that list to cross check if all the items have been shifted. Preferably do the check, (at least of the large appliances and furniture) when the moving people are still there. In case, anything seems to be missing, you can immediately check in the truck or your old house.

We hope that these best packing tips for moving will make your relocation process quick and easy. However, from experience we have found that the easiest way to pack and move is to hire the services of a reliable relocation company. Find the trusted packers and movers in your locality on FirstPick.

How to Manage Your Small Ones While You Are Planning to Shift Your Home

Kids are always scaring even for silly things. It is difficult to manage them sometimes especially when you move from one place to another place. They might be used to the previous one and the sudden shifting can scare them out of the hell. They always need attention from their parents to give them food on time, to play with them and so on. But when you are in the shifting process it is very hard to spend time with them. This can cause more mess for you.

Well, you can settle this problem by hiring one of the top Packers and Movers in Bangalore. Through this, you can spend more time with your child as they will undertake the responsibility to shift all your belongings to the new place. Still, the question arises here is, will you be able to handle your child in the journey to the new place?

Fine, here are some tips which you can use to make your little champ comprehend what is happening around him/her.

Some tips to manage the kids in the hullaballoo of shifting your home

Explain them about your plan

Once you got ready with your plan of shifting to a new place, it is very important to share it with your child too. Make them prepare in advance. Explain to them when exactly you are shifting and take them to the place once if possible rather than a sudden change. It will help them to mingle with the surrounding even before you move there.

Be an answer box

Children are always a question box, right? They doubt each and everything. When you share your plan with them, it is certain that they will envelop you with their unending queries. Sit with them and satisfy their arrow of queries with the best answers. You should also inform them about the hiring of Movers and Packers in Bangalore to transfer your belongings. It will prevent them getting scared with the strangers inside the home.

Share interesting stories or pictures

If you are shifting to another state or country it will be difficult to take your kid there in advance, right? You can resolve this problem by making them engaged through interesting stories or pictures related to the place you are going to. This will help their little brain dream about being all those places and exploring it. They will keep counting the fingers to be a part of the new home in their little mind.

Involve them a little

Even though Packers and Movers in Bangalore will transport all your goods, you must pack up everything before their arrival, right? You can involve your kids also in this process. You can make them sit in a place where he or she can watch you packing the luggage. If they also want to join you, encourage them. This will help them not feel bored nor they feel ignored.

If you follow the above tips, you can switch your place without making them scream. You can let them leave the place happily with full of enthusiasm. They will dip completely in the thoughts of the new location and the surprises waiting there. If you are in search of a Movers and Packers in Bangalore to lighten your shoulder, you can hire Firstpick. We are one of the top relocation experts in Bangalore and Mumbai providing the best relocation services at an affordable rate.

Are you interested to know more about our services? You can come directly to our place or you can go to our website.

Avoid these Common Mistakes in Relocation With the Help of Packers in Mumbai

Relocation will be uncontrollable if there is no proper planning before all packing and moving the items whether it may be residential relocation or commercial relocation. Many go with their own packing ideas and DIY plans that lead to confusions and stress at the last-minute shifting. So, professional packers and movers in Mumbai central will be more of effective in planning and help in avoiding the mistakes during the relocation. Ultimately, a trained expert knows the thing and makes the process to go smoothly without any complications. Following are the list of common mistakes that happens during relocation and how professional packers help in avoiding the confusions.

Packing unwanted Items: We fail to sort out the actual and necessary things that have to be relocated. This leads to the packing of things that are needed results in wasting of time and packing materials. Taking inventory of the appropriate items and belongings that are really worth of has to relocate. So, preparing an inventory of needed items is the method preferred by the international packers and movers in Mumbai.

Making heavy packages: This is another mistake that happens in the packing of materials. Making single bulk boxes for packing items leads to overweight that becomes unable to lift. So, packing according to the volume weight of the boxes is the procedure followed by the professional Packers and Movers in Mumbai Central.

Loading Heavy goods directly: When loading the items into the truck after packing, moving a single heavy item leads to lack of space and mishandling during offload. So, to avoid this problem the expertise packers advise to dismantle the items and then pack it according to parts. Numbering the packages is the most important procedure that has to be followed.

Lack of essential packing Items: For packing of materials, tapes, air-bubble sheets, shrink wrap covers, carton boxes are needed. Lack of materials leads to frustration at the last time. So, after preparing the inventory the international packers and movers in Mumbai get the excess packing materials that can be returned after all packing is completed.

Selecting poor or inexperienced packers: This is the most common mistake that we do to save the moving cost. We go for selecting cheap and poor packers to save our cost. This leads to many problems like mishandling of valued goods and late delivery. So, research more among your friends, colleagues, on internet about the reputation of the company and give the packing process to the registered packers and movers in Mumbai central.

Considering all the above said factors during the relocation of house or office will help to do packing and moving without any confusions. So, avoid these mistakes and have a happy relocation by selecting the professional and registered International Packers and Movers in Mumbai.

Why Choose Professional Packing Services in Millennium City Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is the millennium city that is rapidly changing with urban edges all over the extremes. Gurgaon is one of the leading financial hubs in India and part of NCR. After establishment of the world class automobile Industries, Gurgaon has experienced a great surge in the economic standards. Many new residential zones and commercial enterprises have been developed in the recent years. Great development of industries and commercial establishments have eventually made the need of transportation in Gurgaon city. Moving from one place to another or shifting of materials need proper packing services. There are several packers and movers in Gurgaon and selecting the best among them will make you feel satisfied. In this column, we will find the uses of hiring of professional packers and mover in Gurgaon for movement of materials.

Packing and moving services offered by the professional services will make the ease of shifting of materials from one place to another. The following are list of factors that make us to presume the professional services.

Safety and reliability: The first reason is safety. The professional packers and movers in Gurgaon DLF and other parts of the city are trained in packing, handling the items, loading and offloading. The professional companies have appropriate license as per the law and ensures a reliable moving of materials in time.

Insurance: The professional services offer the service of packing and moving that is covered with insurance. The cost of the service varies according to the insurance and takes supreme care for your belongings.

Efficient tools for packing and moving: Packing household items on our own may not be the same and safe as the professionals do. The professional packers and movers in Gurgaon uses some of the following like air-bubble packing materials, wrapping covers, dispensers for arranged packing, plastic and wooden pallets for single large materials

Planning and time Management: Professional packers have years of experience in handling different types of packing and moving. House or office? Local or domestic? Whatever our requirement may be, they plan accordingly with pre-movement activities that save time in packing.

Affiliations and references: The professional services have affiliations with other agencies all over the country and do service effortlessly both transportation and in offloading. We may be unfamiliar moving your items from Gurgaon to a new city, Isn’t it? Professional packers and movers in Gurgaon DLF phase 5 and other nearby localities have dedicated team and assist you in travel and unpacking.

Range of services: Apart from household and industrial shifting, professional movers offers number of other services like vehicle transportation, scrap removal service, storage services and many more.

Affordable cost: Many packers and movers offer service of relocation and moving but only few are affordable and worth the value. Professional packers with reputed clients and satisfied customers offer the service at affordable price.

To conclude, either it may be residential moving or commercial moving choosing an expertise packers in the city will reduce your stress of shifting and relocating. So always choose professional packers and movers services to have a happy moving.

How to Select the Best Packers and Movers in Chennai for Comfortable Relocation?

Confused of how to get all the things packed neatly? Planning for a relocation to or from Chennai? Moving to a new place is always a tiresome task whether it may be commercial or residential relocation. But it must be done in time with proper planning. Then a professional guidance will always help to get the things done properly. There are several packers and movers in Chennai offering a great range of relocation services. Selecting the best among them to do your relocation is much more important. You have planned to move your belongings and you know what you have got to be packed. Plan accordingly and select the prominent packers. This column provides you the ideas and guidance in choosing the best packers and movers in Chennai.

Check for the company with good reputation:

If you are searching some packers and movers in particular locality of Chennai city, go for checking the reputation of company. There are online comments and feedbacks about various packing and relocating company. Get the positive results about the different Chennai packers and movers review from the business portals. Online presence of the company with standard website and enquiry pages shows their establishment. Check the testimonials on official websites and track records in other sites.

Research and Compare:

You can refer with your friends, colleagues and relatives staying in Chennai who have taken service from packers in past. The packers and movers Chennai price list vary according to the services and distance. So always consider various service provider before you go for a promising moving company. This is a factor that will help you in finding the ideal service provider.

Check for Hidden cost and Insurance:

It is most common thing that happens in relocation is the in-transit damage. So, ask the company about the insurance they provide to our belongings. Also, consider about the additional charges or hidden cost apart from the usual service cost as it will influence you budget. Apart from them, you can compare packers and movers in Chennai price list of different companies in online. Some offer different slab per km.

Specialized packers and moving service:

Caring more about your special and personal belongings! Have a discussion with the packers for doing specialized packing for your items. They will explain you the scenarios in special packing in person than by phone or, a direct visit will help more than reading the Chennai packers and movers review in online.

 Deployment of Manpower:

It is also important to check the manpower that the packers and movers deploy for relocating your items. So, that you can finish your relocation within time.

Relocation of any types are done by various packers but you must stay alert in selecting the reliable and reasonable service providers in Chennai city. In addition, you must plan your budget and have a list of things that has to be packed. Arrange them in priority and do your relocation without any tensions. Do consider the above given tips before you select the packing and moving firm in Chennai for the relocation.

Benefits of Hiring Movers and Packers

Are you planning to shift to your newly built home and worried about the safety of your valuable belongings? Packing and moving is indeed a very hectic task and one should not dare to do it alone without the help of professional packers and movers in Koramangala. The professionals will make sure that the process is as smooth and safe as possible.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring packers and movers in Koramangala:-

Efficient packing: Professional packers and movers in Electronic city have training and experience that enables them to pack your valuable belongings safely and efficiently.

Easy relocation: Your relocation process becomes much easier when you hire professional packers and movers. They will pack up all your belongings quickly and they also have professional driver who will make sure the cargo reaches its destination safely.

Convenience: Professional packers and movers can help alleviate your entire burden by taking care of the major part of the moving process.

Save time: Packing up your belongings will take long time and great efforts during an already stressful time. If you have any moving deadline due to your lease expiration then hiring professional packers and movers will ensure you are off the property in the given time.

No heavy lifting: Not everyone is able to lift heavy boxes and furniture and it’s also very easy to get injured lifting the load in a wrong way. Hiring professional mover and packer services will help you relocate without any inconvenience.

 Save money: Hiring packers and movers can prove to be more affordable for you than you would actually think. There is no need to separately calculate every aspect of your move as the company will give you a quote right away.

Offer transit insurance: As you know, insurance protects you from any sort of mishap and when you hire a professional mover and packer company, they offer you insurance for any kind of damage in transit.

Packers and movers in Electronic city can make your life very much easier when you are relocating.  Whether you are moving around the corner or across a state, these expert professionals will make sure the process is as smooth and safe as possible.

‘Happy Shifting‘ is Now Possible!

Moving home is quite common these days because of the flexible and hectic lifestyles.
However, it can be quite a hassle because of the same reason – busy life. There are too many processes involved in shifting a house and that can be really tough for a person to handle. Moreover, there is few other stuff like heavy vehicles traffic rules etc. all of which may not be known to the people. So when you are planning to shift your address it is best to call professional Packers and Movers in Seawood.

So the most hassle-free way to shift is Packers and movers?

No doubt, it is. It is an enormous task to pack and load all your belongings starting from a simple book to that antique grandfather clock that you may possess. It goes without saying that each and everything needs separate attention while packing. Here are a few factors which will convince you that one needs Packers and Movers in Seawood while shifting houses:

1. Packing – the toughest and the most time taking job is packing the belongings. There are several types of stuff in our houses ranging from the fragile items made of crystal, glass to the hardy ones like wooden furniture. There may be artefacts and antique show-pieces. There are several types of electronic gadgets at our home like TV, fridge, ovens, sound systems which needs special care while packing. All these need different packing materials and it is not easy to calculate and buy and the pack and it becomes hectic too. So it is best to call Packers and Movers in Bandra

2. Handling and shipping – This is a very important point because every item has a distinct way to be held and shipped and if not done carefully it may ruin the object. Moreover, some heavy items need quite a bit of manpower too.

3. Time saver- the professionally trained Packers and Movers in Bandra are experts in catering to the various processes involved in shifting and does the job efficiently in a short while. This makes your job very easy to take care of.

4. Charges – the cost of buying packing materials, boxes, hiring a loading vehicle, driver cost and permit are all included in the package and offered to the house owners.

So next time you are planning to move your place, call up Packers and Movers in Bandra for the hassle free and happy shifting!